Why OptimizeYour Payments

Optimizing payments increases processing efficiency, reduces costs, maximizes revenue generation through card rebates and discount capture, and deepens relationships with suppliers who want electronic payments with rich remittance detail to increase their own efficiency.

Primary Drivers for Buyers

Increase efficiency
Reduce cost
Discounts & Rebates
Cost savings + Discount = Value

Organizations predict increased use of ACH.


Organizations predict increased use of virtual accounts.

The Payment Landscape

Organizations Continue to Process Checks Which is Not Only Inefficient and Expensive, But Also an Invitation to Fraud and Other Abuse.


of organizations were targets of payment fraud 3/4 of those instances were checks.


of organizations still make more than half their payments by check.


Checks cost more than ACH or virtual card payments to process.


Cost to process a check from point of payment to point of receipt.

CASE STUDY: Healthcare Client

After conducting an audit of this Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer’s existing virtual card program, Vendorin stepped in to increase the number of checks converted to electronic payments and check spend converted to virtual card which increased their net benefit by more than $1.5 million per year.

Find Out How

Vendorin is committed to maximizing the number of supplier checks we convert to electronic payments in the shortest time possible so our clients can realize all the financial and operational benefits of optimized payments today.

What’s Your Payment Mix?

Most organizations have a disproportionate mix of check payments.
While other conversion programs struggle to deliver results, our focus on payment optimization delivers big time.

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