How We Optimize Your Payments



Connected with Your Systems. Connected with Your Suppliers. Vendorin Connect integrates seamlessly with most financial systems, requires no investment in hardware or software, leverages your existing bank relationships, and provides a direct connection to hundreds of thousands of electronically enabled suppliers who are ready to begin accepting electronic payments from your organization. The result is a quick and easy implementation and the immediate conversion from checks to electronic payments.

Defining the perfect payment

Definition: Perfect adjective | perfect | \ˈpər-fikt\
being entirely without fault or defect, satisfying all requirements, corresponding to an ideal standard, faithfully reproducing the original; specifically, legally valid.

A Perfect Payment Is

  • Paid Accurately
  • Settled on Time
  • Delivered Electronically
  • Discount Captured

Supplier Segmentation Includes

  • Quality of Supplier Relationship
  • Volume of Payments
  • Size of Typical Purchase
  • Payment Terms & Type


Engaged with You. Engaged with Your Suppliers. Vendorin manages the entire payment optimization effort on your behalf which allows you and your team to remain focused on your business. We engage with you to design your payment optimization program. We then engage with your suppliers using physical mail, email, and live chat. Our supplier engagement specialists are always available to help your suppliers select appropriate payment methods, establish virtual account limits and network discounts which maximize cost savings, process efficiency, revenue generation and discount capture for your organization.

A New Frontier in Value Creation

The “Perfect Payment” delivers value to all participants when you take a thoughtful and structured approach to payment optimization.

  • Electronic Settlement Framework
  • Collaboration Between Buyer and Suppliers
  • Deliver a Variety of Payment Methods
  • Facilitate Discounts


Multiple Payment Methods. Flexible Remittance Detail. Vendorin supports multiple payment methods including virtual card, ACH Plus with Network Discount, straight ACH and check fulfillment. This allows your organization to completely replace checks with lower cost, more efficient, and revenue generating electronic payments. Full, flexible remittance details are provided with every payment so your suppliers can easily reconcile payments they receive from your organization.

Request a Free Optimization Analysis

Our payment optimization analysis is a great way to discover how much you can save by converting to electronic payments or how you can maximize your existing electronic payment program.