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More than 250,000 companies have said goodbye to receiving payments by check and hello to electronic payments with Vendorin. As a result, they get paid faster, more efficiently
and with better visibility than ever before.

Sharing Your Profile

Sharing Your Profile

Only you control your Vendorin Profile and what customers you share it with. Your Vendorin Profile — safely and securely — provides the essential information your customers need in order to make accurate and complete electronic payments, including your bank information, as well as your payment and remittance preferences.

Start Accepting E-Payments

Say goodbye to "the check is in the mail."
Once you've completed the activation process and your Vendorin Profile is validated and accepted, you'll be ready to receive payments electronically from your customers based on your payment and remittance preferences.

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Remittance Details
Got Questions?

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about Vendorin or the
process of converting to electronic payments,
please call (844) VENDORIN, e-mail us at or chat live with one of our representatives right now.

Request a Free Optimization Analysis

Our payment optimization analysis is a great way to discover how much you can save by converting to electronic payments or how you can maximize your existing electronic payment program.